It’s really horrible to see heartless people treating dogs like a piece of shit, they don’t realize how emotional are they. They do have emotions like us, they don’t need something unusual or something they don’t deserve, they only need our love. Is that too much?! Today’s story is too heartbreaking and shows how heartless some humans are!

This is Smokey, a white and gray Pit Bull, was left starving to die in his former owner’s backyard in Los Angeles, California. A woman named Darlene was getting a manicure from her usual nail technician – a woman she liked and had been visiting for years. The manicurist told her about her son’s unwanted dog.

“She said: I need to find a new home for this dog,’” Darlene said. “She said her son doesn’t feed it or give him water.”

The manicurist confessed that she wanted to have the Pit Bull euthanized, but wasn’t willing to pay the $200 fee to do so. Darlene asked the woman to send her a photo of the dog. The woman did and Darlene was horrified.

Pit Bull

“I couldn’t believe my eyes, it made me ill,” Darlene said. “It looked like a dog that came out of a concentration camp.”

When Smokey was brought to the animal hospital, he was immediately put on an IV drip where he was given round the clock fluids and proper food. His blood work showed food deprivation that spanned weeks, possibly months. His digestive system was in shock. Within a month, Smokey had gained 20 lbs, going from 40 lbs to 60lbs.

Within less than a year, Smokey has recovered completely. He now lives an awesome life with a nice family who loves him dearly. In his new home, Smokey gets to play and snuggle with his little sisters! It’s quite evident how much Smokey loves his new family too!

Pit Bull Area

Darlene also got to visit the Pit Bull. It’s not surprising that the Pittie recognized her– after all, she’s the one who rescued the pup. The grateful dog immediately welcomed her with excited jumps, happy tail wags, and kisses.

“There’s something special about Smokey. He wasn’t mean even after all that he went through. He’s a nice, loving animal,” Darlene says. “If the situation came up, I would do it again and again and again.”