Some animals truly live up to their namesake. With every odd stacked against him, Lucky persevered and came out on top.

Lucky is a pit bull who is so fortunate to find a loving forever home.

Lucky’s previous owners abandoned him. They left him alone, locked inside a cold home where he waited for a month, hoping someone would rescue him.

The pit bull had no food, water, or way to break free from his human-made prison. In an attempt to escape, the sweet boy chewed through two doors and broke a window. Within moments of reaching freedom, Lucky suffered the most atrocious of abuses from the landlord.

This cruel human shot Lucky. One of the bullets broke one of his legs; another put a hole in his nose.

These injuries didn’t phase Lucky; he pushed through with all the grace and aplomb you’d expect of a strong lad like him.

Rather than give up, Lucky survived his journey and stay in an animal hospital. His life took a turn for the better when he found a forever family who would love him.

Lucky’s new human family discovered the pit bull loves the water. Lucky isn’t any good at making waves, but he enjoys himself so much, his family doesn’t mind his splashing.