The FBI has lead the way for a huge win for animals in animal cruelty cases.

Statistics from the Chicago Police Department show that nearly 65% of animal abusers in animal cruelty cases also harmed humans. Meanwhile, only 45% of those convicted of murder admitted to hurting animals.

This shows a significant correlation between animal abusers and criminals that would commit federal crimes.

Local police have teamed up with the FBI because according to them, people that hurt animals are much more likely to escalate that violence to humans.

Dozens of videos have been posted on the internet of people abusing animals. One such video includes a dog that has been so abused that when rescuers tried to pet it, he began screeching in fear, terrified that his would be rescuers would harm him.

Another video shows an animal owner shaking his pet in a fit of rage, violently thrashing and tugging at the poor animal for seemingly no reason.

All across the nation, police and sheriffs departments are pushing forward with a new initiative that allows them to report cases of animal abuse directly to the FBI’s national incident based reporting system.

This is the same system that tracks violent crimes like rape and murder.

Each time an animal cruelty case is uploaded, it is divided into one of four categories.

1. Simple or gross animal neglect
2. Intentional abuse or torture
3. Organized abuse
4. Animal sexual abuse

This guarantees that in the future, animal abuse cases will begin to command more attention and more animal abusers will be brought to justice, and they will now be investigated by FBI as well as local governments.

“I think that with the FBI now collecting data on these crimes, its going to help us a lot better to understand them and deal with them,” said John Thompson of the National Sheriffs Association.

While the new system has been put in place effective January 1st, it still has its problems.
Many police departments admit to knowing about the existence of the program, but have no idea about how it actually works.

“It’s going to take several years,” admits Thompson.

The program is designed in a way that helps law enforcement better learn how animal abusers think, and provides them with a way to become better equipped and adept at catching them.

The program, while meant for animals, should also help reduce crimes of violence towards people as well.

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