While Santa Claus came to town on Christmas Day and delivered treats and toys to so many beloved dogs, one seven-month-old “ bait dog ” puppy would unknowingly celebrate her freedom; she had just been saved from a torturous existence.

In River Vale, New Jersey, rescue organization Good Karma Dog Rescue, stepped up to save Hope. At first, Hope, the bait dog, was rushed immediately to an emergency veterinary hospital.

Her body had been ravaged from dog fighting while being used as bait for fighting dogs to hone their egregious craft.
She was described as literally ripped into pieces. The pup had been hung upside down by her back legs as the other dogs repeatedly attacked her.

Hope didn’t have a chance to fight back. Huge chunks of skin and muscle dropped away; her face and body were horribly distended and distorted from the swelling.

She was riddled with old and new bite marks. Rescuers couldn’t bear holding back tears. It was not known if Hope would even survive.