This is Lovebug, An abused and neglected six month old Pitbull puppy was nearly two minutes away from being euthanized before being taken in by Vet Ranch in Texas.

Shelter workers were walking Lovebug to his death when Dr. Matt of Vet Ranch rescued him. Seriously, he was walking back to the room where workers were going to euthanize him. This six month old pup had minutes left.

When he arrived at Dr. Matt’s office, Lovebug was in rough shape. He had mange and several bloody wounds on his body. He was really in so much pain he could barely move. The poor pup was suffering also suffering from a staph infection, and his face was covered in cuts and blood.

In the video below, Dr. Matt says that he believes the puppy had given up on life, but that it was his job to give this little dog hope.

Two weeks later, Love Bug was already on the mend and the open wounds on his face had started to heal.

“He is feeling tons better and is getting better and better every day,” Dr. Matt Carriker said. “We are going to keep treating him and he is going to continue to heal up.”

A few months later, love bug made total turn around and was running and jumping around the yard.

“He is now ready to go on and be adopted and be in a forever home and not have to worry about where he came from ever again,” he said

Thanks to Dr. Matt, if weren’t him, this lovely pittie would have been dead now! Dr. Matt always surprises us with his brave heart and his gorgeous ability to save these poor pups!