This tiny puppy named Hunter was born with a leg difficulty that made it hard for him to compete with his siblings for food, move around freely, and find a loving home. This puppy was born to a dog that was rescued a few weeks before birth.

After he was born, they noticed that his front leg was under-developed so much he couldn’t use it at all, and that made it difficult for him to be nursed with the other puppies.

Due to this unfortunate difficulty, Hunter had a hard time developing into a strong dog. Hunter needed constant assistance from his foster parent, because she fed him by hand every two hours to help him get stronger, and he would have to go with her everywhere.

However, all that effort paid off nicely, and he finally went through surgery and had the leg removed. After the successful surgery, he finally found a permanent home that loves him and will help him grow into a happy and strong dog. Watch a video about Hunter’s story below!