This dog, named Diesel, spent four years alone chained up in minus 40-degree weather in Yukon, Canada.

The ground was so freezing that he used to hold one paw off the ground while alternating paws so they wouldn’t get stuck to the ground. He was isolated with no human contact, was attacked by loose dogs that he couldn’t get away from, and was even kicked in the mouth by a horse.

Thankfully, he was finally rescued by Animal Advocates, who made sure the rest of his life would be filled with love and comfort.
Once he was rescued, they flew him to a center in Vancouver. He was treated, and they removed nine tumors, as well as neutering him.

Since Diesel’s miraculous rescue he has become an amazing and inspiring companion. By the time Diesel arrived at his foster parents’ home, he had undergone a strenuous ordeal.

After almost 5 years at the end of a chain he was flown from the Yukon to Vancouver to be given a second chance at a better life. The sudden weight lifted from his neck must have been liberating but scary at the same time.

When he arrived he was unsure; so many new sights, smells and people, yet he still had a smile spread across his slobbery face.