In the late 1980s the american Pit Bull terrier was portreyed as a killer, biter, an absolute monster by the media.

But Weela, a courageous Pit Bull from Imperial Beach, has shook the world with her courage and determination. In a 3 month period, this Pit Bull saved 30 people, 29 dogs, 13 horses and one cat from the flooding in Southern California.

It all started in January 1993, when heavy rains caused a dam to break miles upstream on the Tijuana River.

Weela and two friends of her owners, Lori and Daniel Watkins, worked for six hours, battling strong currents, floating debris and heavy rains to reach a rach and rescue 12 dogs.

„She was constantly willing to put herself in dangerous situations,” says Lori Watkins; referring to Weela’s ability to cope with challenges such as quicksand, drop-offs and mud bogs.

“She always took the lead except to circle back if someone needed help.”

Over 30 days, the 65-poud Pit Bull Weela crossed the flooded river to bring food to 17 dogs with puppies. And one cat all stranded on an island. In the mid February the animals were eventually evacuated.