Don’t Mess with Texas. Country music star Miranda Lambert, along with her MuttNation Foundation, joined the rescue efforts in Houston, Texas on Tuesday, August 29, safely transporting dozens of dogs to Oklahoma after Hurricane Harvey ravaged the fourth-most-populated city in the country.

The footage we’ve seen from Hurricane Harvey has been absolutely devastating. The storm has destroyed homes and lives, and sadly, it has also left many animals stranded.

Animals can get left behind during emergencies for various reasons. Sometimes, pets run away when scared. Other times, owners have to make life or death decisions that involve leaving their beloved pets behind until someone can save them.

There were few places for stranded animals to go during the storm, especially because many shelters were already full or flooded.

 Of course, this must be a scary time for poor animals who don’t understand what is happening.

Thankfully, people have been going to great lengths to get pets to safety — but one country music star has gone above and beyond with the help of her foundation.

Country music star Miranda Lambert was born and raised in Texas. Even though she’s a big star in Hollywood now, the singer always carries her home state in her heart.

Miranda is more than just a country star, though. She is also a life-long animal lover.