You might thing that people who abuse dogs would be ashamed of what they are doing and try to hide it because they simply know how wrong it is, at least in some way.

However, it seems that is just not the case here, you can see in this scene, a violent abuse happened outside a popular UK supermarket in Toxteth Liverpool…

This guy really had no shame at all, perhaps he felt that he was so untouchable that he could just do as he liked without any repercussions at all? He kicked this poor defenseless and absolutely petrified dog, in plain sight, during the day, until he bled!

The Jack Russell terrier was dragged and yanked by his lead, then kicked on his back and sides, it’s making my stomach turn just to think about this poor little doggie taking this beating from this guy. The tiny little dog was kicked so hard it lifted him into the air with each one.

An anonymous man said:- ”I was walking up with my earphones in when I saw a man rag his dog off the bus, he was booting it in the side and from behind”
”The dog looked terrified and was trying to escape from him, he was yanking the lead up and volleying the poor dog in the face, by this point there was blood all over the floor.”

”I thought it was one kick away from falling to the floor and dying, at that point everyone ran over confronting the man screaming at him”

Someone else passing by as this was going on also came to help and tried to talk to the guy who was abusing his dog, buy all he got back was aggression when he tried to stop him!

There was by this time blood splattered on the pavement where the abuse happened:

One of the people there that witnessed what was going on took photos and a video of the incident and put it on Facebook, it’s very horrific, we warn you! We only think it should be shared as a warning to everyone that animal abuse is really not acceptable, ever!

The video up-loader asked:

”Anyone know who this scumbag is, volleying his dog up and down Park Road, leaving blood all over the dog and all up the road. He’s roughly around 50-60 years old”

It’s purely down to social media and the police working in unison that means this man can be looked for, without the social media then would we even be able to have enough evidence to track and convict the abuser? Probably not, thank you Facebook!

An RSPCA Inspector, Anthony Joynes, said:

”We are aware of a video circulating on Facebook of a male attacking a small Jack Russell dog in the street leaving blood along the floor”
”This cowardly & violent behavior is appalling and a completely unacceptable way to treat a dog. We urgently want to check on the welfare of this dog”

Surprisingly or not though it wasn’t the police who captured the guy, it was actually a shop owner who knew the guy and who also took the dog from him, well done!

Michael Lamb, 42 years old, got messages about the incident and he happened to also know the guy that was in the video. He was really cross by the cruelty he saw so he promptly closed his shop and went to find the guy and his poor dog…

He told the guy to give up his dog to him, then took the dog back to the shop with him, where really really pleased to say the dog is recovering now.

The shopkeeper said:

”I shut the shop and walked up there, knocked two or three times and I could hear the dog barking. My first impression was ‘I am taking that dog away from you”

It’s really amazing that this brave guy puffed out his chest and stood up to the dog abuser, I dare not even think about what he does in the privacy of his home if he dared to do what he did in public!

Another one to SHARE and SHAME, people like this should not have dogs, don’t you think?