On Sep. 11, I Was Invited To Document The Closure Of One Of South Korea’s Dog Meat Farm.

The Humane Society International had written an agreement and a contract with a farmer just outside the capital city of Seoul to close down his meat farm. The farm had just over 100 dogs that regularly supplied the traders in the busy markets of Moran.

This farm was the second to be closed down since 2014 and the Humane society was helping the farmers make the transition from dog farming to growing crops.
In August a team went to the farm to get all the dogs ready by inoculating and preparing relevant papers that would ship these dogs to the US to various shelters chosen by the Humane Society International for adoption.
South Korea is the only country in the world known to commercially farm dogs to supply the demand for dog meat and associated products, and yet the trade is widely considered shameful and distasteful.