Day after day we arrived at the farm in the early hours to make crates and ship out the dogs; trained workers from the HSI carefully put each dog into carriers and placed them onto the truck that would take the dogs to the airport and on a plane to the US. By Monday, Sep. 21, we had put over 100 dogs onto planes destined to arrive in San Francisco; and then onto various shelters to be assessed and vet checked.

Pocket and five other dogs were sent up to Washington State; my wife and I drove down to Tacoma to pick up the dogs to bring them to PAWS in Lynnwood; all dogs including Pocket were put into kennels, fed and watered and settled in by PAWS staff.


I got the slightest wag from his tail; he seemed to know who I was or at least I like to believe he did. After vet checked and neutering, we took Pocket home leaving the other dogs to be counseled and cared for, ready for adoption. I have visited these dogs daily and I will also follow their lives closely.

Pocket had never seen the sunshine, never seen or touched grass, never smelt a flower, never seen a bird or a squirrel; he had never had a bowl of water in his young life. I could go on and on — Pocket’s puppy years were taken from him.

Pocket’s life started on Saturday Sep. 26, 2015. I have created a Facebook page dedicated to his young life and other dogs in countries that use them for meat. It’s called ” Pocket for change.”

If you feel repulsed by the dog meat trade in South Korea; China; Vietnam or any other country that eats dogs; make sure you think about what you are about to say. To these countries it is no different than us eating pigs, chickens, cows. Consider a diet that does not include animals and then you may add validity to your argument about this cruel industry. I have not eaten an animal for over 30 years.

I hope one day, Pocket will be that shining light that illuminates the cruelty of the meat trade. One day his plight will close the doors to farming and animal abuse. The most violent tools you can use on an animal is the knife and fork …

In memory of the thousand of dogs that have died for the dinner table …