It didn’t take a rocket scientist to see that poor little Harper the dog, was scared and traumatized. Her actions showed that she trusted no one, until one day, everything changed.

Natalie Oliveri, president of Furever Bully Love Rescue, had been taking food out to the stray dogs in Redland, Florida, an area known for being a dumping ground for unwanted dogs. And that’s when she met Harper.

The organization gives out around 350 pounds of food to the 100 dogs that roam the area. ONE HUNDRED DOGS! Can you imagine? Those poor things!

Harper had been living on The Redlands for a few months when the group of rescuers were handing out food. Harper approached them while in a group of five other dogs and this wasn’t unusual but Harper seemed different.

As Natalie got close, Harper dropped to the ground and was terrified.

Natalie then was able to see all the scars on Harper’s body.

They knew she didn’t want to be hurt again after what she had gone through, but they could not just leave this poor pup there.

They took her to the vet and was treated for various physical ailments, such as worms, a tooth infection, and anemia. But the psychological wounds would take more time to heal.

This wasn’t the only thing though. The rescuers didn’t know they’d be in for a big surprise.

Harper was pregnant and it was a lot more than the rescue shelter could handle, but they knew they had to continue caring for her and her 8 puppies until they all found loving homes.

Her babies began to grow and eventually, they all found their forever homes, and Harper was the only one left.

While she was waiting for a family, Harper was fostered by Cheryl Kessler, who reported that Harper is a much happier, and healthier dog.

Then, finally, she went to her forever home with Melanie Erbaugh who adopted her and is giving her the love shes always deserved. We’re so glad her and her puppies are safe and happy and that they all got happy endings.

We are so thankful that Harper was rescued, and is doing so well! We don’t know what she went through, but we know it wasn’t pretty. She deserves all the love in the world! If you agree, SHARE this post!