Zuzu, a two-year-old German Shepherd mix, went viral in November 2016 for her sad story that broke hearts across the country.

This is the heartbreaking moment a dog in a shelter got excited after seeing the family that gave her up – only for them to pick another pet to take home instead.

After her dad died, she became extremely depressed, moping around and crying all the time. Her owners didn’t like the way she had been acting, so she wound up at a shelter.

But it isn’t long before they’ve had enough of their old pet and abruptly decided to move on and look for another candidate.

Desi Lara, of the Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control Downey, uploaded the video to Facebook .

One day, Zuzu began jumping around in excitement when she noticed her previous owner there.

Shelter staff assumed they were there to take Zuzu back home, but much to their surprise, they were actually there to adopt a different dog.