This dog may be tiny, bald and even coated in mange, but that’s not going to get rid of this little smorgasbord of adorableness!

Poptart was abandoned by a dumpster outside a McDonald’s – thrown away like trash. However, fate decided to smile on this little cutey, and Poptart herself exhibited an indomitable will to live.

I’m so deeply in love with her tiny face! Not to mention that she looks just excellent with those tiny comfy sweaters. People must stop to  dump off animals. At least take her to the shelter.

What is wrong with this world..poor little dog did nothing but exsist!

“Keep on fighting sweetie. I think the name Poptart is so adorable. One thing I believe in karma. I hope that lowlife was found and prosecuted to the full extent of the law how can anyone be so cruel and inhumane to a little sweet dog.”

Poptart now you can be happy and live your happily ever after, sweetie!

“Thank you for rescuing this sweet dog and getting her the medical attention she so desperately needed and finding her a loving and caring forever home where she will be loved and adore!”

To the monsters who left her for dead… this is definitely your loss, because Poptart is actually just fabulous!